Art means everything to me, it evokes emotion & is an escape from the everyday. It makes you feel and think, without it, I genuinely don’t know who I’d be.

 Before I begin to draw a piece of art I usually have a rough idea of which colours I would like to use. During day-to-day life I am aware of my surroundings and will take note of interesting patterns & colours whether that be from nature, people's clothing, posters on buildings, shop windows, etc. These findings inspire and provide me with the creative ideas that I then use to create my artwork.

  I use a mix of both hand-drawn and digital work. If I need to work fast I will use my iPad but if time is on my side then I love to work with more traditional techniques. Nothing makes me more excited about making art than clean paper and familiar pencils, pens, and paints.

  I love to use a mood board! I make one for nearly every brief or illustration I create. It really helps me to visualise what I want to draw and get an overall feel of the artwork I want to create. I often refer to my mood boards during my creative process to keep me inspired and on the right track.

  I really want to create art pieces that are unique. I draw a lot of nature in my work, this is because for me being close to nature evokes positive emotions. I hope that this positivity comes across to others.

 Being creative & producing art has been a true passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I’m so grateful I get to do something I love day in day out and also call it my career. 

My main focus is to spread my art as far and wide as possible. I’d also love to explore new collaborations with brands and potentially work on different products like ceramics.



I think my art represents my vision of the world that surrounds me, with a sarcastic take on it. I’ve always loved mixing quotes with visuals.

Art is my job, but also it’s a part of me, of who I am, of how I perceive things. It’s also very cathartic to me. A nice place to put my feelings.

Colours are a huge part of my work. It’s always difficult for me to explain my process of choosin them because I don’t really have any process. Sometimes I’m going to know in advance thee color scheme I plan on using, something that I’ve been thinking of or because I got inspired by a flower or a specific sky color at some point. Other times I have no idea and it’s just my instinct that guides me through the process. I love working with complementary colors, and monochromic vibes. 

Usually, I have a quote, or an old painting that inspires me with a vibe, or a pose, or a movement instead of a moodboard.

My work is very centered about women’s place in society today. Strong, sarcastic, brave, and unique. Also about nature, and solace. Sometimes about pain, because everyone relates. I like the idea that my illustrations can bring comfort to someone out there in the world. With humor, or with pertinence.

 I’ve always been drawing. Since I was a kid. I never wanted to be an ‘artist’ properly speaking, that’s why I became an illustrator. This path was natural to me because I like to have constraints, guidelines.. I see more myself as a visual translator. Even for my personal work, I always have an idea, a message to deliver. It’s never drawing for drawing. And I love my work! Every project is unique and I never get bored.

I dislike the pretentiousness of the art world. Really expensive numbered prints are not my thing, which is why I sell on large retailers prints that everyone can afford. I’m not a genius, nothing about my art should be for a recognition purpose. I just put my feelings out there, in colorful quirky illustrations that I hope some people can relate to. 

I’m already so grateful to be where I am. Illustration is a tough world, lots of people drawing, very few that can actually make a living out of it. I’m so glad that I can make money with what I love doing, enough to live and pay my rent, ahah.

 I’d like to get, like working for Jacquemus, or music artists that I love and listen to myself. One of my main goals was also to make a poster for a big music festival, and I got a great gig for 2022 in that regard.. So stay tuned! 

The illustration I made for WOKE UP LIKE THIS is a woman with a bunny. It has a special meaning for me. When I got pregnant in 2019, my godmother sent me a card with a bunny that said ‘Some Bunny Loves You’. Somehow, it touched me, because I love bunnies but also because it has a double meaning and both being comforting. I framed that card since then and put it in my daughter’s room. So when Nadia reached out for a PJ pattern, I thought that word play would probably bring comfort to someone else. 

The second pattern is just a graphic idea that I had, and once I finished it I thought of Nadia’s project and sent it to her because I felt it would work great on clothing, as a pattern, black and chic, more easy to wear outside of home. 



My art always represent something about my life experience and my love for nature and animals. The process of seeking and discovering the beauty, as well as be connected with nature is magical and inspiring to me. I see nature and animals as art and respect the creator behind this.

 Art is my appreciation and my expression towards life. It’s like meditation that keeps me calm and supply me with joy and satisfaction. 

I have certain feelings towards my painting object because each has unique characteristics and mood. So I will choose colours that enhance the uniqueness.

I paint on 100% cotton 300g hot press watercolour paper because I enjoy the working on real paints and good quality paper. I like to mix and match colours and welcome the unpredictable.

I will always has an outline of my painting object based on how I envision it. Then, I will cover it with layers of paints. (This is the more fun part for me.)

I dun have mood board before painting but I research a lot on the object to study its characteristics.

My aims are always different according to whatever is inspiring me to work at the time; sometimes I paint just to enjoy colour or do a drawing for its own sake.

I always have so much love and appreciation towards nature and animals. I hope my art serves as a reminder — let’s take a look at the beauty around us. The pattern of the fallen leaves, the chirping birds, the fluffy animals and blooming flowers. There is so much arts in our everyday life. 

I do my art out of passion. I love drawing and painting since young as it will always be part of me.

In fact my dream project could be anything. Probably some project(s) that raises awareness to protect nature and animal, or sends out good message. 

My print for WOKE UP LIKE THIS is Phoenix. It represents strong and confident women.

“In order to rise from its own ashes, a Phoenix first must burn.” When life presented us with some challenging circumstances, we hang on and keep moving. Let the experience and suffering to teach us, transform us into someone stronger and with empathy.